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About holding

The C2 Group holding company is one of the largest enterprises on both Russian and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) markets. The company manufactures and sells modern insulants and fillers made from both synthetic and natural fibers, as well as products made out of them.

The production potential of our company consists of three main fields: fabrication and sale of nonwoven materials, quilts and bedding. Areas of interest include wholesale of polyester staple fibers and a wide range of other fabrics.

The main strategic task of the C2 Group is building strong partnerships with our clients. Main priorities for our personnel are fast and convenient customer service and high quality of the product.

C2 Group constantly develops and introduces new materials and technologies in order to meet the customer demand. This approach has allowed us to build mutually beneficial relationships with more than 1500 partners from 40 regions of Russia and other CIS countries.

Why C2 Group?

  • A wide assortment of products
    Innovative warehouse accounting techniques
  • Developed logistics
    Dedicated car park and a convenient location
  • High quality
    Quality of our products is confirmed by multiple certificates and tests
  • Individual approach to every customer
    Focus on customers and long-term partnerships
  • Modern technologies
    New high-tech imported equipment
  • Reliable partnership
    Stability of supplying and purchases all year round
  • Speed and efficiency
    Quick order processing starting from one day
  • Team of professionals
    More than 250 qualified experts and specialists

Geography of Our Customers


C2 Group Team

  • Igor Levin
    Igor Levin
  • Vitaliy Molchanov
    Vitaliy Molchanov
    Chief of the Financial Department
  • Miroslav Dikiy
    Miroslav Dikiy
    Chief of the Manufacturing Department
  • Andrey Voinov
    Andrey Voinov
    Chief of the Research & Development Department
  • Evgeniy Gololobov
    Evgeniy Gololobov
    Head of the Nonwoven Materials Sale Department
  • Marina Zhdanova
    Marina Zhdanova
    Head of the Quilts Sale Department
  • Olga Gerasimenko
    Olga Gerasimenko
    Head of the Fabrics Sale Department
  • Julia Nikolenko
    Julia Nikolenko
    Head of the Finished Goods Sale Department
  • Alexander Patrakhin
    Alexander Patrakhin
    Head of the Central Office
  • Denis Zyrianov
    Denis Zyrianov
    Head of the Transport&Logistics Department
  • Irina Paziy
    Irina Paziy
    Head of the Manufacturing Department
  • Anna Popova
    Anna Popova
    Office Manager

Our Goals

We manufacture and sell high-quality nonwoven materials and associated products, serving our  customers in Russia and CIS countries.

We distinguish ourselves by using modern materials and equipment in compliance with international quality standards. Our high-tech production is located in the geographical center of Russia, which gives us an indisputable advantage of having a convenient delivery service.

Applying our leading technologies, unique infrastructure and the distinguishable potential, we strive for the ideal reputation and satisfaction of our Clients, Employees and Partners!